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Dose of Music, a tax-exempt charity, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is dedicated to provide comfort, happiness,
and assistance through music for children, teens, adults, families, friends, military troops and veterans, communities,
and anyone in need and/or faced with less fortunate circumstances. This includes, but not limited to, music
entertainment at hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes, hospice, local and national benefits, etc.
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Music Makes A Difference
An entrepreneur with a big heart.  Jason possesses a passion for helping people.  With a Major in
Finance and Minor in Accounting from Mankato State University, he knows his way around a 10-Key
and a balance sheet.  After spending nearly 10 years in the accounting and finance industries
performing various accounting roles and administering 401(k) retirement plans, Jason spread his
wings into various sales roles (mortgages, martial arts, Director of Sales at chamber of commerce,
advertising, etc.) until his entrepreneurial spirit took over.  Jason is the founder of the Dose of Music
Charity, I Love My Deals (online coupon savings site), Gettin Bizzy business and social networking
group (free resource for professionals), and is an active Director with Melaleuca, Inc.  Over the years,
Jason knew the importance of being connected within the community and participates in numerous
networking events, social functions, and charity opportunities.

Jason's mixed professional and personal experiences have helped him become a well rounded "Mutt"
or "Jason of All Trades".  He has proven leadership, business operations management, relationship
building, mentoring, sales, advertising, marketing, promotion, communication, accounting, finance,
public speaking, event planning, and fundraising skills along with other qualifications in his portfolio.

Jason lived the younger years of his life in Burnsville, MN.  He doesn't like saying he "grew up" as he
believes at any age you can be youthful and have fun.  After college, he purchased his first and current
home in Bloomington, MN.  Jason loves music, playing guitar and singing, can be often spotted out
with friends enjoying and supporting local bands, likes sports (participating and watching), is currently
a 2nd Degree Black Belt with the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), loves travelling, going to
church, attending charity events, and most importantly enjoys quality time with his family and friends.  
Jason loves making a difference in people's lives by giving back and values those in his life. He
believes you can have all the success and achievements in your life, but you have nothing without
people to share it with.
Jason Hopp - Founder
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