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Dose of Music, a tax-exempt charity, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is dedicated to provide comfort, happiness,
and assistance through music for children, teens, adults, families, friends, military troops and veterans, communities,
and anyone in need and/or faced with less fortunate circumstances. This includes, but not limited to, music
entertainment at hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes, hospice, local and national benefits, etc.
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Music Makes A Difference
Trixie was an entrepreneur at a very young age. She would fill her wagon with her personal treasures
and sell her stuff to the other kids. She had Kool-Aid stands and a back yard carnival that drew people
from all over - the proceeds all to benefit charity. This brings me to the next point: Trixie has an
abundance giving mentality. "The more you make, the more you can give away!" Pay it Forward is a
life philosophy. Trixie is a small business owner and helps others to start a business in the Wellness
Industry. Her educational background is Health Science, Nutrition, Psychology and as she will tell you
"people." She is a connector and has a passion for adding value to others.

Trixie is the author of Beauty Inside Out and the soon to be released Brave Inside Out.

She served as Mrs. Minnesota International 1998 with a double platform: Date Violence and Breast
Cancer Awareness. She has been speaking to audiences small and large for over 2 decades.

Trixie is a certified Speaker and Coach with her mentor John C Maxwell. Her energy is contagious
and her passion for others is obvious. Her legacies are her positive attitude in life, her three amazing
children, and her love for the Lord.
Trixie Overcashier
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