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Dose of Music Charity
Dose of Music Mission Statement
Dose of Music, a tax-exempt charity, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is dedicated to provide comfort,
not limited to, music entertainment at hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes, hospice, local and
national benefits, etc.  Click
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Hopp started the nonprofit a year and a half ago, envisioning it as an organization that would cheer up sick, amplifier.
“I thought it’d be a nice charity to have where local musicians could come together to play at hospitals or (senior)
homes or anything like that,” said Hopp. “It could be karaoke, DJs, bands, whatever the event calls for.”

assisted living facilities and military troops returning home, as well as for charity fundraisers and disaster relief-type

To help get the new charity off the ground, Hopp has organized a fundraiser for Friday, July 22 at Neisen’s Sports Bar
and Grill in downtown. Starting at 7 p.m., the event will feature live music from local band, “High and Mighty,” as well as
local students from the national School of Rock music program. In addition to the live music, there will be games,
prizes and a $200 cash give-away. The event is open to all ages before 10 p.m. but will be 21-plus after that time.

The fundraiser is free to attend, but Hopp said he’ll be trying to raise money through the games and by selling $5
tickets for the cash giveaway (although technically the $5 is a suggested donation and not required to get a ticket).

“I had to get creative, so to raise money I’ve got some bean bag games; I’ve got a golf game that I’m making,” said
Hopp. As prizes, Hopp will be giving away blow-up guitars, necklaces, kazoos with the charity’s logo on them and
other fun trinkets. “It’s just silly things like that so hopefully I can make a buck here or there.”

For Hopp, Neisen’s was an easy choice for the venue given the bar’s large stage and reception area in the back.
Hopp has connections to the area as well because his father is former Savage Mayor Rod Hopp. It also didn’t hurt that
Hopp bartends at Neisen’s on weekends.

“We were really happy to do it,” said Neisen’s owner Dan Neisen, “and it gets kind of light in the summer (as far as
events go), so it really kind of worked out.”


Hopp, a 1990 graduate of Burnsville High School, runs a number of businesses, namely the deal-seeking web site,
ilovemydeals.com, and business/social networking site gettinbizzy.com. But before he started either of those
businesses, the seeds for Dose of Music had already been planted.

In 2004, Hopp was working as an instructor at ATA Martial Arts in Burnsville and Lakeville when he met Rachel, a
young martial arts student from Lakeville who was battling cancer. When Rachel’s illness got worse, Hopp and his
friend planned to visit her in the hospital so they could play guitar and sing to her and the other children. Unfortunately,
Rachel passed away in June of 2007, before Hopp had the chance to visit her. She was 7 years old.

“She really was the inspiration” to start the charity, said Hopp.

Using that inspiration, Hopp decided to honor her memory by following up on his idea of using music to brighten the
lives of those struggling. Hopp officially founded Dose of Music in October of 2009.


While Hopp is optimistic about the future of the charity, he’s quick to acknowledge that starting a nonprofit hasn’t been
an easy process so far. “I’m still in the early stages, and I’m a one man show right now,” he said.

Hopp has already held a couple of fundraisers, including a kick-off event at Neisen’s in February 2010, to help keep
the charity afloat. “I’ve basically just been trying to recoup some of the money I’ve already lost,” Hopp said laughing.

Among the early struggles is his bid to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which is needed so that donors can
write off their donations for tax purposes.

“To play with the big boys, you have to become a 501(c)(3),” said Hopp. “But it’s an expensive process, and I’m
funding it all on my own right now.”

Hopp said he’s consulted with attorneys, filed the paperwork, and also put together a board of directors, which is
required to be a 501(c)(3), so that it’s only a matter of time before his request is approved.

He has also struggled to gather a stable of musicians willing to partner with his organization. Although Hopp said he
“plays a little guitar,” he said he’s not exactly Jimmy Page when it comes to the instrument. “I would never get paid to
play, I’d probably get paid not to play,” Hopp joked.

Hopp said the next step will be finding those musicians willing to donate their time for the cause. “I meet tons of
(musicians) working here at Neisen’s,” said Hopp, “so hopefully now that I’ve got all the (legal) stuff done, I’ll be able
to” get musicians to come aboard.

In spite of the charity’s early difficulties, Hopp said it’s something he strongly believes in and he is confident it will
succeed. “It’s taken a little longer than I expected,” admitted Hopp, “but I know it’s going to work out.”